Website Design and Development

We understand the value of being online nowadays and it has the solutions that the basic step has to be creating an elegant website for your company, which we excel in! From designing to the development of your website as per your requirements, we take care of every aspect involved. We offer domain registrations, hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud), database hosting, image hosting and much more.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM relates to the method of promotion of a website via various paid and unpaid means. This form of internet marketing ensures your site shows up when an end user queries for related keywords. It is a wide branch of marketing and you can trust us for the results.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of getting unpaid web traffic to your websites and hence increasing the site’s visibility in the search engine results, and we make sure the traffic is viral enough to help your company reach heights. Proper research and analytics are carried out in order to help your site appear higher in search engine rankings. Clients also receive regular updates and analytics of the progress.

Facebook Advertising

Today, when a major portion of the online community is sure to be available on Facebook, advertising via it turns out to be a fruitful investment. Facebook has over 500 million active users, more than 50% of whom log in on any day. We run Facebook advertisement campaigns for our clients and provide regular analytics. The results speak out for themselves when you have a look at the conversion ratios.

Google Advertising

Google being one of the best search engines in the current day scenario, it is very necessary to make your business appear forefront on it. Our experts at Saketh IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. do just what is needed to make your listing appear right on time when a user searches for something relevant to your business.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is where all the professionals are to be found and if they are your potential target, nothing suits better than advertising via LinkedIn. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s the reason we have dedicated personnel to help you LinkedIn advertising campaigns turn into successful endeavors.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is the online photo sharing and social networking site that has a huge number of members. Taking into account its efficiency, Instagram advertising is a good option to reach potential clients and customers.

E-commerce Solutions

Researchers show that an online business can help increase your sales by more than 100% in the long run and for this reason, it is extremely essential to have an online identity for your business. We have a dedicated team of experts to create the best possible e-commerce website for your business and help you to gain a large base of customers. We have some of the best e-commerce solutions for your business to reach new heights on a day to day basis.

Branding and Logo Design

To have an identity, it is very necessary to have a permanent picture of your company. A logo serves this objective and we are here to design you the best, the eye-catching and meaningful logo for your business. Next, comes the branding of your organization at which we are experts.

Online Catalogs

Catalogs serve as an important means of information broadcast. We provide online catalog services to help our clients reach more and more audience for the sake of the company. Designing and content creation on us!

Content Management System

Saketh IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. takes care of your content management needs via a central interface and without needing you to be involved every time. This is the characteristic of the Content Management System services provided by us.

Social Media Consulting

The main advantage of advertising through social media is that the visitors would be loyal, regular visitors who would not only become your customers but also turn in a lot of secondary customers. This makes social media consulting so important to understand the prospects, to plan how to reach the massive audience that will get us links, attention and massive traffic simultaneously.


Along with providing you all the assistance in taking your business online and surviving the competitions, we take care of your printing needs too! You can rely on us for your office stationary and marketing material printing needs.

Enterprise Application Development

Our team of expert software engineers analyzes and assess your requirements pertaining to your requirement of a custom software application and design one accordingly. We take care of each and every phase of its design, development, and maintenance.

Android and iOS Application Development

A large chunk of the online population today accesses the internet via a smartphone and that makes it an absolute necessity to have a phone application ready in order to cater to the smartphone community. We, as an internet marketing company, understand this basic rule and thus we offer custom android and iOS applications development services to our clients. Having phone applications help boost your productivity by over 50%, reports reveal.